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Parents are their baby's first educator.  Upon observing parents and their babies, parents are noted to make face and eye contact while innately speaking in a softer voice using simple language.  Women in particular seem to naturally use this parentese style when speaking to their baby.
Babies have an ability to listen more intently and prefer the sound of their own mother's voice.  To a baby, their mother's voice has a unique quality in comparison to other mothers, and the baby can tell difference.
Additional studies have confirmed babies can notice different voices from their own mothers voice.  During yet another study while babies are drinking milk, two voices are introduced; one is the mother and the other is someone else.  When the baby's own mother starts speaking it was noticed that the baby suckled more intently and showed an increased heartbeat than when their baby heard someone else’s voice.  What was uncovered, is babies can recognize the speech pattern and the sound that differentiated one voice over another.  Additionally it was noted, the babies identified and reacted more positive when hearing their own mothers voice.
KiddiVersity sees and appreciates the importance for babies to hear their own mother's voice,  which is why the KiddiCards product has a built in recording element for mothers to record and save their own voice during the KiddiCard interactive play.
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