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Toni F. O’Hanlon
Chief Executive Officer & Founder
Mrs. O’Hanlon, as Founder and Chief Executive Officer of KiddiVersity LLC, has conceived and created and now leads this multi-media product company comprised of ten (10) personally imagined unique characters, ten infant story books delivered in print and electronic form, and an interactive educational tool of babies first 144 words in electronic flash card form, for the Iphone and iPad.  Mrs. O’Hanlon’s journey toward the formation of KiddiVersity began while studying for her PhD in Psychology at City University in New York City, in 1993.  The formidable groundwork took place in the years preceding the birth of her son in 1997, where she envisioned a multi-media company with three core products: 1) interactive educational tool; 2) a unique caterpillar character called Cappy and his backyard character of friends and 3) a series of educational read to baby books featuring Cappy and his adventures with his friends.  Mrs. O’Hanlon always envisioned KiddiVersity as a place that one day could capitalize on its characters, educational principles and eventually evolve an animated educational program, that perhaps may become syndicated.  With fifteen (15) years in technology sales combined with her graduate studies, a short stint as an educator, the rearing of her son and the amazing technological advances since 1993, all have enabled Toni to re-birth KiddiVersity over the last couple of years and deliver a variety of products that have been child tested and available for sale.  
Prior to the formation of Kiddiversity, Mrs. O’Hanlon was a successful “computer and software” executive.  She has participated in three of the most profound technology revolutions of our lifetime:  1) minicomputer and workgroup computing: with companies such as Wang Laboratories, Molecular computers and Televideo, all of which she played key marketing roles; 2) PC era: where she worked as a sales executive for Syntrex, a leading provider of networking software, which laid the groundwork to connect the millions of PC’s that emerged.  She also worked as a Vice President of Sales at Brokerage Trading Communications, which brought forth PC based applications for traders and brokers; and 3) the internet: while in its infancy, Mrs. O’Hanlon worked as a sales executive for Sycomm, which was responsible for some of the early bank related web initiatives.  It was during her tenure at both Molecular and Televideo that she found a passion for her entrepreneurship.  The skills she developed at both these companies have enabled her to stay focused on her dream to build KiddiVersity.  
She has her undergraduate degree in psychology from Iona College. Mrs. O’Hanlon has put significant effort and class time into her graduate degree with emphasis on neurological psychology and she one day hopes to complete this degree, but not till KiddiVersity has become a household name!
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