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Repetition is a technique used for language learning.  

The expected reward of repetition is that your baby may grasp information quicker.  How?  Through associations made through repeated word usage combined with sound and image.  Think about how you will hold something, look at your baby and repeat the name of what you are holding.  Not long after, your baby will be repeating that name when you hold that same item.  Why?  Because they have made that word or sound and image, association.

It is never too early to introduce language and sounds to your baby.  Babies do not get bored of hearing the same sounds, words and utterances.  In fact, it helps babies discern what you are conveying to them.  It is through repetition that babies begin to confirm what you are demonstrating, identifying or speaking to them about.

While babies learn language in many ways, most importantly they learn by listening.  Your baby’s brain acts like a sponge.  The more words and sounds they hear in repetitive fashion, the more words and sounds they will remember.  Babies learn from watching and imitating.

Parent's instinctively get up close to their baby and speak in short utterances using repetition.  While this behavior between parents and baby is unlearned, it has been observed that many parents inherently exhibit this action.  Repeating language and phrases to their babies helps the baby to establish what they are learning.  

Exaggerated facial expressions and gestures, in addition to parentese (a style of speaking that parents use when speaking with their baby) when combined with repetition, are believed to be the reason babies learn to speak their native language.

 “A panel of scientists and early childhood specialists at a White House conference last spring said that talking, reading and singing to a baby, from infancy to three years, can improve his ability to learn throughout his entire life."

It is no accident the KiddiCard interactive program recommends using repetition as a tool meant to enhance the learning experience for your baby.  Repetition is a very important part of bringing your baby's world a little closer to them.  
“Talking to your baby” (pg. 1):  Family Education, April 2010
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